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QPE project spotlight: the DI4D head mounted camera

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

DI4D are world-leaders in performance-driven, facial animation services. Working globally with organisations across the entertainment and research sectors, DI4D develop and deliver high resolution 3D facial image capture and 4D facial performance capture systems, software and services.

In order to fulfil the demanding and complex requirements of the most challenging projects, DI4D have developed a suite of unrivalled facial animation technology.

The DI4D HMC (head-mounted camera) is an industry-leading solution that can be used to capture 4D facial-performance data from multiple actors alongside full-body motion capture. The DI4D HMC system is wireless, lightweight and comfortable, allowing actors to roam freely without inhibiting their performance. The sculpted design and markerless technology also feels much less intrusive for the actor, enabling them to focus on acting and forget about the technology.

Fitted with a stereo pair of 4MP cameras, the system is built with synchronised, on-board strobed LED illumination which ensure excellent camera focus and equal illumination across the face that doesn’t artificially increase brightness. The DI4D HMC has an easily adjustable head rig with an innovative head-band and boom design. This eliminates pinch points for greater subject comfort and excellent camera stability.

The DI4D HMC v1.0 was officially made available to buy in May 2021. This is the only commercially available HMC, optimised for 4D facial performance capture, using DI4D’s post-processing service and also compatible with third party facial animation solutions.

This is the first collaborative project for DI4D and QPE, which was coordinated by Glasgow design house Fearsome. QPE managed the extensive sourcing / procurement and supply chain requirements as well as complete assembly of the entire DI4D HMC headset and camera.

QPE has an abundance of expertise and experience in the PCB, wiring and test requirements that this project needed, and our full turnkey solutions package was ideal for the intricate demands of the DI4D HMC product.

QPE’s dedication to quality, innovation, technology and integrity were highly complementary of the ethos of the DI4D brand and its cutting-edge filmography technology, making for a long-standing and successful production partnership.

To learn more about DI4D, visit their website at

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