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QPE is proud to be working with New Normal Trading to produce innovative public hygiene solutions.

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

2020 has been a year of extreme volatility for us all. Covid-19 has transformed the landscape of modern living for the foreseeable future; how we adapt to it is key to overcoming it. We need technology to work for us now more than ever.

Whilst billions of pounds, hours of genius brainpower and bucket-loads of hope are being poured into developing a vaccine to control the spread of Covid-19, the message to the world is simple and clear: socially-distance yourselves, wear a face mask and wash your hands.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by our hands. We sneeze into our hands, we cough into our hands - and if we don’t remove any germs before touching a chair/ a railing/ someone else’s hands - the germs then easily transfer over to another person. That's why hand hygiene has never been so important.

Whilst washing our hands with soap and water (for 20 seconds) is always first choice, there are numerous times throughout the day when this just isn’t viable. Before and after shopping, using public transport, touching public machinery (ticket machines for example) and so on; the next best thing we can do is sanitise. Publicly available hand sanitising opportunities are now required in pubs, restaurants, shops, venues and more, in order to enable the public to maintain good levels of hand hygiene and reduce the transmission of the virus.

This of course is all at the cost of business owners and - after months of closures and revenue loss - this added expense is not ideal.

This is where innovative solutions such as NNv1™ come into play. The NNv1 machine is a hand sanitising and advertising station, which combines the much-needed service of hand sanitisation with the opportunity to create additional revenue streams through advertising.

NNv1 is a high-specification machine with a custom designed and built central PCB, an upgraded photoelectric sensor with 100% hand detection, hollow cone brass nozzles with a wide spray angle to ensure appropriate hand coverage and media management system with built in Wi-Fi and HDMI.

Key features of the NNv1 machines include:

- Full branding and customisation options to suit any environment

- 19.5'' monitor for displaying video, text & imagery

- 20L capacity for minimal maintenance requirements

- WiFi enabled for remote media / data management

- 'Plug & play' set up for minimal installation requirements

- Completely touch free for a safe user experience

- Dispenses 80% alcohol hand sanitiser (Nevlon™)

- Direct, single-source power for easy installation

- Made in the UK with CE approval

Here at QPE, our business is built on four pillars of success: quality, innovation, technology and integrity. These perfectly align with the ethos that drives New Normal Trading in the development of their products. We are proud to be the UK manufacturer of NNv1 machines and to join New Normal Trading's journey to deliver innovative public hygiene solutions to the market.

We're working together to get the world moving again; welcome to the new normal. To find out more, please visit

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